A la carte

Design your own

Paris wedding

A la carte

Design your own

Dream Paris wedding

No packages, only the services that you want

for a perfect Paris wedding

You can now design your own wedding by booking services directly on the online store. Browse through the products and services, add them to your cart, and let your wedding planner take care of the rest.

You can now design your own wedding by booking services directly on the online store. Browse through the products and services, add them to your cart, and let your wedding planner take care of the rest.

Paris Wedding Day of Coordinator

Step 1

Book your wedding planner

First, you will need to book the services of a wedding planner. Your personal planner will receive your orders, book your vendors and create your day-of itinerary.

She will organize your day in the way that works best for you and share advice and tips along the way.

Our wedding planners – Claire, Erin, and Anouck – all speak English fluently.

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Paris Wedding Day of Coordinator

Step 2

Do your shopping online

On the Perfect Paris Wedding Store, you will find all the services you can dream of for a perfect wedding day!

You can visit the store at any time and add services as your wedding planning progresses.

Please note that we only offer services listed on the store. You will of course be free to book other services outside of our store if you choose to coordinate them yourself.


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1575 Euros

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Start a conversation with a wedding planner today

    Questions and Answers

    Can we book any services?

    Only the services available on our online store can be booked. Your Personal planner will verify the availability of your vendors and book them for you. For some rare services (such as the Traction car), availability cannot be guaranteed and an early booking is preferred.

    Can we order services without booking the wedding planner?

    The wedding planner is mandatory to design an A la carte wedding. She is the only person who can receive your order and book your wedding team. Furthermore, your planner organizes your day and puts together a timeline.

    What does a wedding planner do?

    The main missions of your Wedding planner are:

    • Receive your orders on the online store
    • Book your vendors
    • Put together a wedding day timeline and itinerary
    • Create a Guest Guide if you have guests
    • Brief your wedding team
    • Coordinate your vendors on the day

    One month before your wedding, your planner will send you a detailed Wedding Day Timeline showing how your day will go. This document lists the time, location, and all of the vendors involved in each event of your day.

    On your wedding day, an Off-site Coordinator will manage everything. They manage the vendors, making sure everything goes smoothly, and remain available by phone in case you need anything. Your coordinator is there to solve any issues and make sure that you don’t have to worry about last minute details.

    What paperwork needs to be done?

    Our ceremonies are all symbolic, which means that you don’t need to do any paperwork. You can have your legal wedding in your home country before or after your Paris event.

    Will I meet my planner?

    Our team is based in France and we have become experts at planning everything via email. But we do understand that couples like to meet their Wedding Planner, so we are happy to schedule video calls for face-to-face conversations.

    Do I need to speak French?

    Everyone on our team speaks English. You will not need to learn un petit mot unless you want to.

    Can I choose my vendors?

    You may have your heart set on one of our photographers or officiants based on our social media or website. If that is the case, let your planner know, your dream vendor may be available on your date! Please note that we do not book vendors outside of our team, but you are free to book vendors of your choice. Some couples come from the US with their own photographer or videographer, and that’s fine. Your planner will of course coordinate with them and inform them of the timeline.

    How can I cancel an event?

    Life can be unpredictable, even more when it comes to long distance travels. For this reason, we have considered every possible scenarios and we offer you options to cancel or re-schedule your event to a later date. For more details, please refer to our terms and conditions.