Join your lives at the foot of the majestic Notre-Dame de Paris

After the recent devastating fire, we are not currently offering Notre-Dame as a ceremony location. The Perfect Paris Wedding team supports the reconstruction of this beautiful monument through ongoing donations.

Notre-Dame de Paris is a gothic cathedral built in 1163. It stands on the Ile de la Cité, a small island in the very center of Paris. On April 15th 2019 a major fire broke out in the Cathedral destroying the spire and roof. Thanks to brave fire-fighting efforts, the rest of the stone structure was saved. Reconstruction efforts will commence as soon as possible to restore this iconic landmark to its former glory.

A Notre-Dame ceremony usually takes place in  the cathedral garden (at the back of the cathedral) or along the Seine with a stunning view of Notre-Dame.

This location is more intimate than the Eiffel Tower and offers stunning Parisian views. You will have the opportunity to capture a photo at the Eiffel Tower during your photo couple session around Paris after your ceremony.

In the garden

The garden behind the cathedral of Notre-Dame offers a beautiful view and a quiet oasis for your ceremony.

Caroline, from our team of celebrants shares her insights on this location:

The cathedral of Notre-Dame, as any gothic cathedral, is more beautiful from the back. This is why this garden is such a popular place to have the perfect photo of Notre-Dame.

From the garden you will have the closest view of the cathedral and your pictures will show the details of the stone work. To get a full view of Notre-Dame, you will need to stand further away, and have your ceremony on the quais for example.

If you choose this garden as your ceremony location, here are a few things you need to know:

  • The ground is covered with sand; not as classy as grass but at least you can wear high heels during your ceremony!
  • If you want to be sure that no one appears in your ceremony photos, you will need to stand very close to the cathedral (see middle photo).
  • Wednesdays are particularly busy due to school field trips; large groups of children are likely come and go all day which can disrupt your ceremony.

Want to get married at Notre-Dame?

Along the Seine

The cobblestoned quai along the Seine river facing Notre-Dame is another stunning location for your ceremony. This location offers beautiful wide view on the entire cathedral and has very few passersby since it is not on street level.

Because this spot is so intimate and secluded, you can easily have up to 15 guests and live music for your ceremony.