Paris elopement wedding ceremony

Your romantic wedding ceremony


Paris is like an outdoor museum. You don’t need to book an expensive venue for your intimate wedding: if you have 0 to 15 guests, you can simply exchange your vows outdoors at a public but nonetheless intimate location.

This is how your wedding ceremony with Perfect Paris Wedding would go.

A walk down the aisle


At some Paris locations, it is possible to arrange a walk down the aisle. Of course, it’s very different from a traditional big wedding where there is a real aisle and people standing on each side. But with some recorded or live music, and the right planning, you can still live this magical moment of discovering each other.

If you don’t wish to “walk down the aisle”, you can instead plan a “first look” before your wedding ceremony.

A romantic ceremony script


Most of our ceremonies are non religious. Our standard ceremony script is a perfect mix of romantic, formal, and fun. Before your big day, your ceremony script is sent to you so that you can read it and ask for any changes that you may want.

For an even more customized ceremony, we encourage couples to write personal vows.

Tip: for perfect photos, write your vows in a beautiful notebook or card


We also offer the possibility to have your ceremony completely tailor-made. And finally, for couples who wish an outdoor wedding blessing, our Christian officiant, Re. Michelle, proposes wedding blessings to all couples.

The exchange of rings

Tip: for a perfect picture of your rings, choose a nice box to present them during the ceremony.


Your souvenir certificate


At the end of your ceremony, you will sign your souvenir wedding certificate (this is not a legal document as our outdoor ceremonies are all symbolic).

How does it work with guests?


Outdoor ceremonies are ideal for groups of less than 15 people. If you are inviting guests, please make sure that they are all comfortable standing for a while as we cannot install chairs in public outdoor locations.

Your guests should also be flexible with last minute changes, especially in case of rain (see next paragraph).

What if it rains?


With an outdoor ceremony, you are probably hoping for a nice sunny weather. So what happens if you find out a couple of days before your big day that it is going to rain?

First of all, you can be reassured: we very rarely experience heavy rain in Paris. Most of the time, it’s just a succession of light showers and we find a way to work around it. On the rare occasions where the weather is too bad for an open sky wedding, we may propose to change the location of your ceremony to the beautiful arcades of the Palais Royal. In some rare cases, we have changed the time or date of the wedding at the very last minute (for the day before or the next day).

Your first dance


A first dance as a newly wed couple is a perfect way to seal the ceremony with an intimate moment. If this is something that you wish to do, your officiant can come with your favorite recorded music and a small speaker. You may also choose to have live music.