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Your Paris Vow Renewal

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    Your Paris Vow Renewal

    Renew your wedding vows

    in the City of Love.

    This vow renewal package includes all the elements for an intimate celebration of your commitment to one another.

    Price: 2539 Euros

    for info only

    Outdoor ceremony

    Your vow renewal ceremony will take place at an outdoor location with the Eiffel Tower in view or at a more intimate spot where you will feel the romance of Paris while avoiding the crowd.

    Ceremony Script

    Your English-speaking officiant will read a beautiful vow renewal ceremony script reflecting the romance of Paris and the uniqueness of your celebration.

    Personal Vows

    To make it special, we encourage you to write your own personal vows for the ceremony. Your Planner can even help you with great tips and vow examples.

    Souvenir Certificate

    You will take home a beautiful souvenir certificate as a memento of the day.

    Paris Vow Renewal Ray J

    Couple’s Paris Photo Tour

    Following your ceremony you will be taken on an amazing chauffeur driven photo-tour which will last around 2 hours.

    Tour Stops

    You will make stops at several iconic Paris locations, including the pont Alexandre III, the Louvre and Palais Royal. See photo-tour page for more details.

    Luxury car & chauffeur

    Your friendly English-speaking chauffeur will pick you up from your central Paris hotel or apartment in a luxury Mercedes car to escort you to your ceremony. At the end of your photo-tour you will be dropped-off at a central Paris location of your choice.

    Paris Vow Renewal Ray J

    About your photos

    Your day will be captured by a professional, friendly and talented photographer.

    120+ photos

    A few social-media-friendly images will be available within 24 hours for family and friends, with a further 120+ lightly retouched high definition photos ready to download within 4-6 weeks.


    Our photographers do some light editing (light, contrast, framing).

    Couple photo in Paris by Jacques

    Vow renewal package

    Eiffel Tower Location
    Personal Planner
    Symbolic Ceremony
    English-speaking Officiant
    Commemorative certificate
    Romantic Paris Photo-Tour
    Professional Photographer
    Luxury Car & Chauffeur
    Day-of Coordinator (Off-site)

    2539 Euros

    for info only

      Questions and Answers

      What is a vow renewal?

      A vow renewal ceremony is not a second wedding, it’s a more intimate affair to reaffirm your love and celebrate your time together. It can be just the two of you or shared with a few close family and friends.

      Why renew your vows?

      Here are the main reasons why couples decide to renew their wedding vows:

      • To celebrate a special anniversary
      • They didn’t have their dream wedding
      • To rekindle the fire after many years of marriage
      • To share their love and commitment with their children present

      Should it be a surprise?

      A few couples do surprise their partners when they arrive in Paris by proposing to them again just before their vow renewal ceremony. Others leave a surprise note saying “Marry Me Again” while at home and then enjoy the whole process of planning the event together, thinking about their vows and anticipating their second honeymoon in Paris.

      What happens in a vow renewal ceremony?

      During a vow renewal ceremony, your celebrant welcomes you to Paris and reads a short, meaningful and romantic ceremony script which focuses on you exchanging personal vows.

      Personal vows give you the opportunity to reflect on your marriage, thank your partner for their love and support and recognize everything you’ve accomplished together so far.

      Your ceremony can also include the exchanging of rings and readings by family or close friends.

      Finally you can sign a commemorative certificate, followed by a champagne toast to your love and continued future together.

      Should there be a reception meal?

      There is no convention to have a reception but as Paris is full of amazing restaurants, your renewal of vows gives you a perfect excuse to splash out on a memorable and romantic meal.

      Do I need a bouquet?

      The vow renewal ceremony makes you a bride and groom again, so you may choose to have a bouquet and boutonniere, but really there are no rules.

      When to renew your vows?

      Renewing your marriage vows is appropriate for married couples regardless of how long you have been married.
      Some renew their vows every few years, while others save it for a special anniversary like the 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th. No matter which you choose Paris is the perfect place for your celebration.

      What do I wear to a vow renewal?

      There is no traditional vow renewal outfit. Some couples choose to wear wedding attires, such as tuxedos or gowns. Others choose to dress on their favorite outfits. Whatever you feel most comfortable in will be appropriate.

      What paperwork needs to be done?

      A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is celebratory, allowing you to make a public statement of your love and commitment to each other. The ceremony has no legal effect and is not legally binding on those who participate.

      Why renew your vows in Paris?

      The top 5 reasons why couples renew their wedding vows in Paris:

      1. Paris is the iconic city of love
      2. The Paris streets and monuments offer the perfect setting for romantic photos
      3. In Paris, couples can treat themselves with fine food, culture, and attractions
      4. It’s the perfect destination for a second honeymoon
      5. To fulfill their dream to travel together

      Should we buy new rings?

      Some couples do exchange new rings but many couples appreciate the age and wear of their original rings and just touch wedding bands during the renewal ceremony. Others have their original band engraved with the date of the renewal or a meaningful quote to mark the occasion.

      What about a second honeymoon?

      What better reason do you need than renewing your wedding vows to get away to Paris for a second honeymoon? Make it special and stay at least one night in a top Paris hotel.