Deposit for Guest hairstyle – adult 85€


Our team of talented hairstylists can make your guests look picture perfect with stunning long lasting hairstyles.

What’s included:

  • Hairstyle preparation questionnaire
  • Hairstyle by a professional stylist

This service is only available at the same location (hotel or apartment rental) as the bride. It will be completed during or before the bride’s hair and makeup.

You may order this hairstyle service for your guests or let them choose to treat themselves with this option.

Conversion (for info only)

Important notice: You are only paying the deposit today. The balance (60€) is to be paid on the day to your hairstylist.




Guests may send a photo of their preferred hairstyle, or simply discuss any preferences on the day.

Our hairstylists need the hair to be clean and dry. If your guests have curly hair, they will be required to do a quick blow dry the day before to allow for a better shaping of the hairstyle.

Please inform before hand of any specificities (very long hair, clipped in hair extensions…).

Our talented team of professionals have the skills and experience to work with all types of hair at highest quality level.

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This service can only be ordered as an add-on to a wedding package.

Orders may be cancelled and payment fully refunded up to 10 weeks before the event. In case of a cancellation 10 weeks or less prior to the event, a 30% charge will apply.

All prices are in Euros and include tax (VAT).

Customer Reviews

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Deposit for Guest hairstyle - adult 85€

Mother of the bride, Mandy Huber

The hair style was nice. I would have preferred a little more lift or curl to keep the bangs out of my eyes. The stylist was very kind, professional. Thank you!