10 romantic restaurants to celebrate your wedding in Paris

French people loooove food! But when you visit Paris for the first time, finding a good place to eat can be très difficileFor your romantic dinner, or wedding party, we have listed 10 amazing restaurants, tried and tested by ourselves (complaints accepted). Each one offers an experience of its own, whether it be the décor, the atmosphere or the cuisine. So take your pick!

#1 L’Astrance

There is only one menu and it is DIVINE! If you want to experience the magic of French food by an amazing chef, this is the place. Right by the Eiffel Tower, this restaurant offers a simple and modern design. The staff and the food are beyond anything you would expect. Definitely our number one choice!

  • 4 Rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris
  • Open Tuesday to Friday
  • Budget €€€€
  • http://www.astrancerestaurant.com/


#2 Le Diane

  • 46 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
  • Budget : €€€
  • http://www.hotelsbarriere.com/

Note : the restaurant is unfortunately closed this summer, but we hope it will open again very soon!

This restaurant is the “sister” of the renowned Fouquet’s. It is actually at the same address and benefits from the same standards. The Menu “Degustation” costs 134€ and it is worth every penny.


#3 Le Don Juan II

  • Embark at the Port Henry IV (Paris 4) or at the Port de Javel Haut (paris 15)
  • Budget: €€€
  • http://donjuan2.yachtsdeparis.fr/
  • Link to book a table


#4  First (The Westin Hotel restaurant)

  • 234 rue de Rivoli, 1er arr.
  • Budget : €€€
  • http://www.lefirstrestaurant.com/


Set between the luxurious place Vendôme and Tuileries gardens, here is a chic restaurant with an inside lounge “boudoir” style and a lovely hidden terrace.

#5 Bistrot Vivienne

  • 4 rue des petits champs, Paris 2
  • Budget : €€
  • www.bistrotvivienne.com

In the very heart of Paris, two steps away from the Garnier Opera house, in a beautiful glass-roofed walkway, this bistrot (the very incarnation of a Parisian bistrot!) will make you drool over traditional meals made from refined and exquisite ingredients.

If you are a wine aficionado, you will not be disappointed.

The waiters are of great advice and excel in the art of associating your wine to your meal. Don’t hesitate to ask!

#6  Auberge de Nicolas Flamel

  • 51 rue de Montmorency, 75003
  • Budget : €€
  • http://www.auberge-nicolas-flamel.fr/


Ever heard of Nicolas Flamel, the famous alchemist? Please be reassured, no kinky chemistry done in the kitchen, though one could say that the chef does turn his ingredients into meals of gold!

Enter in a medieval tavern – wooden beams and stone walls, but perfectly dressed tables of white cloth and silver cutlery!

Service is exceptional, lights are low – perfect for a romantic dinner “en tête à tête”.

#7  Kei

  • 5 rue Coq Héron, 75001
  •  Budget : €€€€
  • http://www.restaurant-kei.fr/


The atmosphere is very classy, with a sense of purity with its interior of pristine whiteness. And the food is just EXCELLENT! Every bite is like a dream come true (not an overstatement!).

Service lives up to the reputation of the establishment and the waiters speak fluently several languages.

#8  Jules Verne

  • Eiffel Tower, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 7ème arr.
  • Budget : €€€€€


Ever dreamed of having dinner at the Eiffel Tower? Introducing: le Jules Verne. They serve traditional French cuisine with just a hint of modernity. Prices are high but the view is there!

#9 Le Pré Catelan

  • Le Pré Catelan. Bois de Boulogne 75016 Paris
  • Open Tuesday to Saturday
  • Budget : €€€€€


#10  Laperouse

  • 51 Quai des Grands Augustin, Paris 6
  • Budget : €€€€€
  • http://www.laperouse.com/