7 tips for your Paris Proposal

Are you considering a proposal in Paris, the city of love? Here are 7 tips for an unforgettable Paris proposal.

1- Get her to dress-up

Find a reason to make this day special and get her to dress up. You can tell her you’ve booked a fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner. Or that you bought tickets to the Opera. Make any excuse that will get her to put on her nicest cloths and shoes. After she finds out, she will be happy she dressed-up for this occasion.

2- Get on one knee to propose

It may seem very traditional to do this, but getting on one knee will make your message very clear. And also, you will get a beautiful picture out of it !


3- Have something to say

It doesn’t need to be too long or very poetic. Just know what you are going to say. It is very common to be speechless when you see that this is the moment: you got on one knee and now you are going to ask her to marry you. If you expect to be nervous, have one simple sentence prepared and after she said yes, you can say the whole speech.

4- Propose right away

When you’ve arrived at the spot where you want to propose, don’t overthink it, do it right away. Especially if you’ve planned something special (such as a picnic proposal on the Champ de Mars or a live musician playing her favorite song), the second she sees the surprise, she will know that something is going on, so this is the moment to do it.

5- Don’t forget the ring

Have the ring in your pocket. If you are travelling by plane, have it in your carry on, don’t check it.

6- Hire a photographer

This is a moment you will both remember, but having a few shots of the proposal is priceless. Every time you will look at these pictures, you will re-live the moment. Your photographer just needs to be on the spot where you plan to propose. Agree on a specific place and time and let them take the pictures from afar. After she said yes, you can continue with a few couple photos around Paris.

7- Enjoy the moment

After proposing, you may feel a great relief and – of course – excitement. Now is the time to stroll around the city of love, holding hands and kissing under the Eiffel Tower. This is a day you will cherish forever.